What ROLDA did in October 2023

Voyo – a valuable volunteer

Following the massive emotions generated by the war in Ukraine, some people felt called upon to really help, choosing to travel to Ukraine or as close as possible e.g. to ROLDA, to get physically involved in doing some good. Voyo, a senior Canadian citizen with Eastern European roots traveled all the way from Ontario to spend a week from 07-13 October at ROLDA.

The week passed quickly and Voyo was amazing: He helped clean the shelter, he played with the dogs and cats, and he walked the dogs each day. When he went shopping, he couldn’t bear to return with empty hands, so he bought a high-pressure water cleaner to help the caretakers clean the dog kennels faster. The ROLDA team is always incredibly grateful to welcome wonderful and dedicated animal lovers like Voyo.

UPDATE: Back home, Voyo couldn’t forget his experience with ROLDA or the beautiful dogs he had met, and just before Christmas, after hearing the weather was turning bad, he bought hundreds of dog coats and sent them to us. There was one for each dog he met at the large shelter. The dogs are very happy cuddled up, feeling warm and cozy during the extremely cold nights.

Dosia’s adoption journey to the UK

Dosia is an incredibly lucky #roldadog. She was adopted by Tiffany and traveled to the UK to join her new loving family. The updates we receive melt our hearts.

Tiffany saw Dosia on our website and it was love at first sight. We have so many beautiful ROLDA dogs that it can be hard to choose one, but we always say that an adopter will just know when they see the right dog for them… And that is exactly what happened with Dosia. Tiffany gave us good feedback about the adoption process and loved that she was kept up to date with the medical check-ups, the transportation of Dosia, and all the adoption arrangements.

Tiffany’s wait was worth it: Dosia arrived at her new home in the UK in April. Getting used to everything took her a while, Tiffany gave her the space and time she needed, until she felt comfortable enough to join the family in the living room and approach Tiffany’s husband. She was particularly scared of men and people carrying things at first, but with the proper love and care, even a dog who has been traumatized in the past can become the best pet ever. (Dosia was only at the ROLDA shelter for 18 months and we knew immediately that she would need to build confidence and recover from the trauma of her past).

Dosia is now a happy, active, and much-loved family member. She is well-adjusted to her new home, she’s playful, loving, and well-behaved when going for walks.

We are so thankful to Tiffany for opening her heart and home and giving such a wonderful soul a chance to live a happy life.

A presidential visit!

We were really happy to welcome Lisa, the president of the ROLDA branch in Sweden, to our shelter. She is one of the most dedicated people to our cause and visits like this are a big joy to us.

We were finally able to talk face-to-face, discussing all the projects we were working on and showing her all the shelter’s accomplishments… she spent lots of time playing and interacting with our beloved #roldadogs.

Lisa and her colleague, Frida took the most amazing videos and pictures of our four-legged residents to show to potential adopters in Sweden! We always keep our fingers crossed that more dogs will get their forever homes.

The girls from Sweden did not come empty-handed! They brought a car full of food and other animal care products, which we will share with our Ukrainian colleagues, helping them to keep the animals in Ukraine safe. The food was sponsored by Ica store in Sweden, and we have no words to thank them enough!

Updates on our commitment to helping rescuers in Ukraine

In October 2023, we managed to help 1200 animals. The funding we managed to raise was divided into two types of donations:
● 20% went to housing and preparing animals for adoption.
● 80% went to Ukrainian rescuers.

ROLDA is happy to have found many people in Ukraine who are as committed to animals as we are. We are doing our best to share our resources with those people, throughout Ternopil, Irpin, Dnepr, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Vilnansk. These people are keeping rescues going in challenging situations and are actively fighting to prevent animals from becoming casualties of war.

We believe they deserve all the help we can give them!

A helping hand to The Voice for The Voiceless Association

At ROLDA, we set out to leave the world a better place than how we found it. To do this, we need to ensure that we are not the only ones working towards this goal. So, we choose to work with various small organizations that are struggling to make the change.

The Voice for the Voiceless is an organization in Slobozia, Ialomita County, in the South of Romania, actively promoting adoptions from public shelters with kill policies. It breaks our hearts to know that this is a reality in our day and age and we’re so glad someone is trying to save these animals. The Voice for the Voiceless is also working to raise funds to cover medical expenses for the animals they help and to buy food for some of their rescue cases.

We are helping them financially and also support them by donating food. We hope that our small support will enable Voice for the Voiceless to continue the important work they are doing for animals in need.

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