ROLDA’s Guide to Easily Transferring Cryptocurrency Wallet-To-Wallet

Major Greenpeace, Save the Children, Charity Water and many more organizations – even Wikipedia – are accepting cryptocurrencies as donations! Helped by a young team of experts, ROLDA launched this website:

Now you can safely and securely donate to ROLDA in cryptocurrency from any internet-capable device.

Why donate cryptocurrencies for ROLDA?

✓ Lower Fees
Transfer fees are significantly lower those in transferring Fiat currency. ROLDA also saves money in admin costs.

✓ Investment
Cryptocurrency could be a great investment

✓ Tax Incentives
In some countries (such as the US), donations in crypto, as it is considered property rather than capital, are tax-deductible.

✓ No Third-Parties
Donors can donate directly into ROLDA’s wallets

✓ Affordability
Even the smallest donations are possible, enabling grassroots fundraising opportunities.

✓ Discretion and Transparency
Donors can choose to remain anonymous and blockchain technology provides users with unalterable proof of their transactions.

Cryptocurrency is purchased through an online vendor known as a ‘Crypto Exchange’ and will be credited to your digital ‘wallet’ which is identifiable by a unique code (also known as a ‘Master Seed’) and secured by a password (also known as a ‘Private Key’ or ‘Seed Phrase’) is used to sign/facilitate transactions, providing an undisputable mathematical proof that they have come from the owner of the wallet (or at least whoever has the private key).

Go to
And choose your Crypto Exchange, ROLDA is on CoinBase, Binance, BitPay and Blockchain.

Once you’ve picked exchange and a wallet, you’ll be able to buy crypto by transferring money into your account. You may even be able to buy crypto with a credit or debit card, though this may carry additional fees.

So, How Do Cryptocurrency Transfers Work?

A crypto address is a unique locator for where to send a cryptocurrency. They play the same roles as an email when sending fiat currency, or a receiver’s phone number when using the mobile money payment option. Crypto address works like any other receiver identity in transactions.

You will use it every time you want to send cryptos. You need to keep it at an easy-to-access point. When sending cryptos, fill out all the details on the wallet then include the address. The Bitcoin addresses are quite long and can lead to erroneous entries. For that, you either copy or use the QR code option.

Using the crypto address is secure. It comes with both private and public keys. The public keys allow you to share them with anyone risk-free. The private key is what you need to access the wallet.

Finally! How Do I Donate to ROLDA?

ROLDA is pleased is acceptable any of the following cryptocurrencies:

If you use Blockchain:









If you use Coinbase:







If you use Binance



Choose Crypto!

Cryptocurrency is a truly exciting phenomenon that may wholly revolutionize modern finance; taking away the power from banks and governments and transferring it to the individual. The first wave of the cryptocurrency boom in the mid-2010s made multi-millionaires of early investors who recognized crypto’s potential and whose shares increased in value by a factor of thousands. Like any publicly traded commodity, crypto is subject to the inevitable peaks and troughs of the marketplace.

However, there is nothing stopping a second meteoric rise in value. As more and more people seek a secure, convenient and private alternative to volatile Fiat currency, the tech-savvy and crypto- conversant among us today could well become the crypto millionaires of the future.

ROLDA would like you to join us in the cryptocurrency revolution and help us channel its financial potential into something wonderful: finding a loving home for every one of Romania’s homeless dogs.

Your private address should never be published or given out to anyone – like your email password.

The private key is what’s used to sign off on transactions, and if someone has access to both your public and private keys they now have control over your holdings.

For extra protection, we recommend two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication can be accomplished using various programs and/or mechanisms that enable you to validate your identity using anything other than your password.

This may be connected to a phone app that produces a number for you to join, a text message or email that does the same thing, or requires you to plug in a USB or other hardware pieces to finish the operation.

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