Donate to ROLDA’s endowment via AngelGiving

ROLDA is grateful to work with people passionate about helping animal causes.

Our ultimate goal is to find each rescued dog/cat the best human companion who will understand, respect, and offer her/him the best!


  • Provide good shelter conditions for all rescued dogs and cats;
  • Disease management control (preventive treatments, snap tests, isolation for sick animals, disinfection;
  • Increase adoptions in countries where ROLDA is established as a charity;
  • Help poor communities look after their beloved pets responsibly;
  • Identify new partners (companies, foundations, grantmakers) to reach more animals in need;
  • Build a modern adoption center where the local community can volunteer and where people can adopt safe and healthy animals.


  • Never refuse an animal injured, abused, homeless, hungry;
  • Never put to sleep a healthy animal or an animal who has a chance to recover;
  • Never disappoint our great supporters;
  • Work transparently;
  • Help animals and people who care about them;
  • Fight for our goals, beliefs, and values until the end.

If you have questions or need assistance with your gift, please write us to!